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I'm doing 26 awesome things in 2012.

26 Awesome Things in 2012

In an effort to Be More Awesome and avoid any serious self-improvement whatsoever, I’ve decided to do 26 awesome things in 2012, instead of New Year’s Resolutions (get it? I’m turning 26?). I’ll probably blog ‘em along the way. Without further ado:

26 Awesome Things To Do in 2012


  1. Memorize the Preamble to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
  2. Memorize a poem
  3. Learn the names, term dates, and parties of the US presidents
  4. Trace my family’s roots back to Europe
  5. Learn to spot a new constellation 

Mad Skills

  1. Juggle for 60 seconds straight
  2. Make something in needlepoint
  3. Poach an egg on the stovetop
  4. Make a budget
  5. Learn to whistle with my fingers

Culture Vulture

  1. Read “A Short History of Nearly Everything”
  2. Watch all of the Thin Man movies in order
  3. Visit an embassy
  4. Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
  5. Go to the Newseum

Stayin’ Alive

  1. Learn to shoot
  2. Read the Worst Case Scenario Handbook or Army Survival Manual
  3. Take a first aid class
  4. Learn five different knots
  5. Learn to change all the fluids and tires on my car

Just For Fun

  1. Go bowling
  2. Take swing dance classes
  3. Learn to play poker and gin rummy
  4. Send a snail mail letter
  5. Hold a cocktail party
  6. Give myself a tarot reading