Bow Ties Are Cool.

I'm doing 26 awesome things in 2012.

Thing #22: Take Swing Dance Classes

This was actually the first Awesome Thing I did this year, but now that it’s over, it’s time to blog it. Boyfran and I decided to take classes at the local community center. It was pretty fun, mostly (although we had the world’s most confusing instructor, who enjoyed creating new terminology for old steps every week), up until last week. Technically the classes are still going on, but we’re through. There’s this big performance we’re supposed to be in, but the instructor went and added a BACKFLIP to the choreography. Which is awesome and all, except for the fact that unlike the rest of the petite ladies in the class, I am bigger than my partner. Wide, not high.

So, bummer.

I think swing dance could be pretty cool, provided next time I actually call ahead and ask what’s involved in the class and whether I’m too fat for it. Which would be mortifying, and don’t tell me it wouldn’t be. I don’t think I want to go back any time soon. I think we can call this one done.